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October 03, 2015

Week 6 ends with many conference titles still up for grabs.  Only 14 conference titles have been decided - 25 conference titles still on the line.  Conference play ends this week when 39 teams will be crowned Conference Champions and be awarded etched glass plaques.  Click on STANDINGS on the yellow banner above to check your favorite teams.  Follow statistical action by clicking on STATS also found on the yellow banner.

Following week 7 the NSL repositions teams based on 7 weeks of Wii bowling action.  Thirty two (32) teams are placed in the 7 NSL divisions and play a ‘one and done’ format to determine NSL National Wii Bowling Champions.  It’s a fun and exciting time for NSL senior Wii bowlers and the coaches who lead them.

Statistically speaking, many NSL Wii bowlers are showing vast improvement over the 6 years of NSL competition.  Coaches confirm that serious senior Wii bowlers practice more often to get better as they chase conference and divisional crowns.  Even those bowlers whose averages have been lower in the past have shown improvement.  If you have bowlers who want to compete in the best and only Wii bowling league featuring seniors from all over the U.S. join the NSL.  Competitive bowlers, those who play only for fun and those seniors who benefit from the team atmosphere and the exercise, bowl in the NSL.  Wii have something for everyone and Wii Have a Good Thing Bowling On!! 

Fifteen hundred sixty three (1,563) senior Wii bowlers make up the 306 registered teams representing 99 communities from 30 states.  The Championship features 7 divisions based on level of ability.  Defending national champion, Dayton VA Medical Center, will be challenged in the Champions division by 7 of the strongest senior Wii bowling teams in the nation.

For information and registration - http://www.nslgames.com  The .NSL 2016 season begins the week of Feb 15, 2016 Registration will be available Dec 15, 2015.

The NSL is senior Wii bowling internet based league.  Four (4) person teams represent their community and are placed in divisions based on their level of play.  Teams play a 7 week schedule to determine conference champions then move to a 3 to 4 week playoff format to determine Regional Champions in the spring competition and National Champions in the fall competition.  Communities pay a $150 registration fee and can place as many teams as they want into the league.

All seniors are welcome to register a team or teams.  Teams representing Independent Senior Living Communities, CCRC’s,  Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Rehab Centers, VA Hospitals and +55 communities play in the NSL.  The past season, 2015 Regional Champions had over 1,500 senior Wii bowlers from 310 teams representing over 100 communities from 26 states.

Join the Fun!  Join the NSL!

For information visit our website at http://www.nslgames.com or contact Commissioner, Dennis Berkholtz, at 435-714-9491 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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About the NSL

  • Play in your own community - no travel
  • 4 bowlers on a team
  • Nintendo Wii or Microsoft XBOX are accepted NSL virtual bowling programs
  • Play in one of 7 divisions based on level of ability
  • Play one day each week for 7 weeks followed by up to 3 weeks of playoffs
  • Post scores on line by Thursday 9 PM
  • See results on line 9 AM Friday
  • NSL provides oversite, schedule, STATS, awards and team webpage


Wii bowlers in the NSL compete in 7 divisions.  Divisions are determined by the average score of the 4 bowlers making up a team.  Divisional breakdowns——CHAMPIONS (average 250 to 300); SUPER ELITE (average 220 to 250); ELITE 1 (average 200 to 220); ELITE 2 (average 180 to 200); SUPER MASTER (average 160 to 180); MASTER 1 (average 140 to 160) and MASTER 2 (average - less that 140).

NEXT NSL CHAMPIONSHIP - NSL National Wii Bowling Championships.  Play begins the week of Aug 17.  Registration now open.  JOIN US.  For information contact Dennis Berkholtz (435 714 9491) or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Important Dates

2015 NSL National ChampionshipsAug 17 - Oct 25, 2015 (Registration now open)
2016 NSL State and Regional ChampionshipsFeb 15 - Apr 26, 2016 (Registration opens Dec 15, 2015)
NSL ContactDennis Berkholtz - NSL Commissioner .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 435 714 9491