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NSL Kicks Off 10th Season!

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NSL Celebrates 10 Years of Senior Wii Bowling Championships

August 19, 2018

We start our 10th year of NSL competition with 1,359 registered senior Wii bowlers from 31 states representing 81 communities and 272 teams.  The number of participants and teams have remained steady over the years.  We celebrate bringing fun and competition to senior communities and the senior industry in general.  Thanks to all the coaches and teams who have participated over the years.

Special thanks to those who have competed in the NSL since its inception - Senior Citizens of Clinton County, Plattsburg, NY; Walnut Village, Anaheim, CA; Santa Clarita Senior Center, Santa Clarita, CA; Parc at Piedmont, Marietta, GA; Hightower Manor, Atlanta, GA; Cosby Spears, Atlanta, GA; East Lake, Atlanta, GA; Montpelier Senior Center, Montpelier, OH; Goldberg Towers, Houston, TX; Cedar Crest Village, Pompton Plains, NJ; Kingsport Senior Center, Kingsport, TN and James E Brulte Senior Center, Cucamonga, CA.

2019 NSL Championships - Spring Championships begin the week of Feb 18 (Registration opens Jan 1).  Fall Championships begin the week of Aug 19 (Registration opens July 1).

NSL National Champions—Spring 2018:
CHAMPIONS DIVISION:  National Champion - Up Your Alley ‘A’, Kingsport Senior Center, Kingsport, TN
SUPER ELITE DIVISION:  National Champion - Hightower, Hightower High Rise, Atlanta, GA
ELITE 1 DIVISION:  National Champion - Wii Pro’s, Rose Hill Senior Center, Dothan, AL
ELITE 2 DIVISION:  National Champion - Co-Champions are Sandbagger, Arrowhead Gardens, Seattle, WA and Royal Court, James E Brulte Senior Center, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
SUPER MASTER DIVISION:  National Champion, Wiier’s, White Horse Village, Newtown Square, PA
MASTER 1 DIVISION:  National Champion - The Aces, Arrowhead Gardens, Seattle, WA  
MASTER TWO DIVISION:  National Champion - Beginners Luck, Villages at Unity, Rochester, NY

National Champions and Runners-up receive etched glass awards.

Follow the results by visiting the NSL website - http://www.nslgames.com .

Call or email Dennis Berkholtz 435-714 9491/dennis@nslgames.com for more information.

Tell your Wii Bowling friends and peers about us!  Wii Have a Great Thing Bowling On!!

The National Championships are played in 7 divisions based on levels of ability.  The top 32 teams in each division as determined by their total pins after 6 weeks of play make it to the Final Rounds which are played in a ‘one and done’ format much like the NCAA Basketball Final Four.  Champions and Runners-up receive NSL etched glass awards to add to their trophy case along with bragging rights being the National Senior Wii Bowling Champions! 



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About the NSL

  • Play in your own community - no travel
  • 4 bowlers on a team
  • Nintendo Wii or Microsoft XBOX are accepted NSL virtual bowling programs
  • Play in one of 7 divisions based on level of ability
  • Play one day each week for 7 weeks followed by up to 3 weeks of playoffs
  • Post scores on line by Thursday 9 PM
  • See results on line 9 AM Friday
  • NSL provides oversite, schedule, STATS, awards and team webpage


Wii bowlers in the NSL compete in 8 divisions.  Divisions are determined by the average score of the 4 bowlers making up a team.  Divisional breakdowns——CHAMPIONS (average 250 to 300); SUPER ELITE (average 220 to 250); ELITE 1 (average 200 to 220); ELITE 2 (average 180 to 200); SUPER MASTER (average 160 to 180); MASTER 1 (average 140 to 160); MASTER 2 (average 120 to 140) and MASTER 3 (less than 120).

NEXT NSL CHAMPIONSHIP - NSL National Championships.  Play begins the week of Sept 11, 2017.  Registration opens June 15, 2017.  JOIN US.  For additional information contact Dennis Berkholtz (435 714 9491) or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Important Dates

2019 NSL Spring ChampionshipsWeek of Feb 18 to first week in May (Registration Opens Dec 15, 2018)
2019 NSL National ChampionshipsWeek of Aug 19 - end of Oct (Registration Opens July 1, 2019)
NSL ContactDennis Berkholtz, NSL Commissioner .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 435 714 9491