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National Championship

Team Name
Parkway Place A-Team
Parkway Place
Houston, TX
Activity Director
Linda Fitzhugh

Team Statistics

Parkway Place A-Team's Stats
Average 207
Top Score 169
Total Pins 11606
Total Strikes 0
Total Spares 0
Handicap 18

Team Ranking

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Parkway Place A-Team are currently ranked 47th among the National Senior League.

Rank Team Name NSL PTS W-L-T Average Pins X /
45 3 Queens and an Ace 11687 12-2-0 209 30 0 0
46 COA 3 11612 7-7-0 207 19 0 0
47 Parkway Place A-Team 11606 7-7-0 207 17 0 0
48 Booya I 11603 10-4-0 207 25 0 0
49 Sea Miis 11582 8-6-0 207 20 0 0

Match Highlights

Week 7: Parkway Place A-Team vs. Frankie's Gang View Match Scores
Virginia bowled a 7-pack and Wava only missed 1 pin in game 2!
Week 6: Parkway Place A-Team vs. Four Oaks View Match Scores
Wava bowled an 8-pack and Virginia bowled a 6-pack today!
Week 5: Parkway Place A-Team vs. HC Three Strikes and a Spare View Match Scores
Rena picked up a 5-10 split in the first game and also bowled an 8-pack!
Virginia bowled a 6-pack in the first game.
Rena bowled a 6-pack in the second game.
Week 3: Parkway Place A-Team vs. RH Pin Pals View Match Scores
Rena picked up the 5-10 split two times and almost got it the third time!
Week 1: Parkway Place A-Team vs. HH The Ladies of the Afternoon View Match Scores
Parkway Place A-Team is ready to roll!