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National Championship

Team Name
Spring Creek Slingers
Edgewood Spring Creek Manor
American Falls, ID
Activity Director
Kyler Kunz

Team Statistics

Spring Creek Slingers's Stats
Average 186
Top Score 202
Total Pins 8939
Total Strikes 167
Total Spares 170
Handicap 34

Team Ranking

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Spring Creek Slingers are currently ranked 26th among the National Senior League.

Rank Team Name NSL PTS W-L-T Average Pins X /
24 OLL Cincinnati Flying Pins 9031 12-2-0 161 29 0 0
25 SP Straight Shooters 8981 8-6-0 160 20 162 202
26 Spring Creek Slingers 8939 8-6-0 186 20 167 170
27 UP YOUR ALLEY 'A' SUSPENDED 8902 7-7-0 287 17 0 0
28 OLL 3 Strikes and a Spare 8642 13-1-0 154 32 0 0

Match Highlights

Week 7: Spring Creek Slingers vs. Altona Rock Runners SUSPENDED View Match Scores
As we close out our first season, we're incredibly happy and grateful for the opportunities we've gotten, the experiences lived through, and lots and lots of practice. We'll be ready for next time for certain!
Week 6: Spring Creek Slingers vs. Cucamaniacs SUSPENDED View Match Scores
In spite of recent losses in the team, and current events, our team still shines bright as they pump out amazing scores week after week. Their coach is proud to have such a resilient and hard working team! Go Slingers!!!
Week 4: Spring Creek Slingers vs. Sea Miis SUSPENDED View Match Scores
Unfortunately, one of our members has passed away this last week. We wish you the best Carla.
Week 3: Spring Creek Slingers vs. TOCK Pin Pals SUSPENDED View Match Scores
Due to a quarantine at the assisted living center the team's coach isn't able to come to tournament matches or practice sessions until April 1st. The team didn't quite do what they knew they could, but that's just fine! We can only go up from here! Laurie had a fantastic game with more than half of all throws being strikes. Emil has still been practicing on his own time, but time will tell how much it will pay off. Expect great things from the Spring Creek Slingers!
Week 2: Spring Creek Slingers vs. RH Pin Pals SUSPENDED View Match Scores
Laurie did fantastic as usual. She usually has good scores, but she brings out her best during the serious games. Emil had a bit of a rough patch this week, but he's determined and is putting in practice. Lots of fun! The Spring Creek Slingers strike again!